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Welcome to the High Tech Hobo website, home of Glenn Robison and my weekly, hour-long radio program of 1920s and 30s pop and jazz, "Rapidly Rotating Records".  We play 78 RPM records of "toe-tapping" music from hot dance bands, as well as sweet bands, novelty tunes, soundtracks, blues, jazz and more. 

Since July of 2000, the show has been broadcast over KISL-FM 88.7 in Avalon on beautiful Santa Catalina Island, California each Sunday evening at 6 PM.  KISL broadcasts 24/7 and can be heard streaming online at www.KISLAvalon.com.  The show is also available streaming online, "on demand" 24/7 right here, as well as a free podcast on iTunes.  

I hope  you'll take a look around, give a listen to the show, and leave a comment.  Your requests for a particular artist, composer or record are always welcome, as are your suggestions for segment topics. The current show, recent shows, and archived shows are just a click away via the links to the right, and the show will stream immediately without need for an external media player. Thanks!




Glenn Robison’s 78 RPM Rapidly Rotating Records — 33 Comments

  1. The “Best” gets even better! We deeply appreciate all the work you do to bring us this wonderful program, Glenn. It’s the best there is!

  2. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for the new site, looks good! Is it possible to make requests anymore, I couldn't find the e-mail address where to send them. But if it's ok, here's one: Roger Wolfe Kahn's "Another Night Alone". Much appreciated if you can include it to some your future shows!

  3. Hi,
    Since you altered your web site I have been unable to listen to yur show. I click on the calandar date and it just takes me back to the home page. I have gone round and round in circles and now have reluctantly given up.
    Best regards, Tom and Rita.

    • Hi, Tom and Rita

      I’m sorry you’re having difficulty.  I’ve not heard of any problems from anyone else and I’ve tested it with Internet Explorer, FIrefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Iron broswers on both PC and Mac systems.  I will follow up with you via regular email.


  4. Hi, Thank you for your comments. I had convinced myself that the problem was something to do with the system, but your words gave me hope and I spent a lot of time going through my method of downloading stuff. It is now so different and my ancient skull ful of grey matter has difficulty with changes. I am delighted to tell you that I have now cracked the problem and will be able to catch up on your shows again. Thank you, we need something to pass the time pleasantly in our dreadful summer here in England!

  5. Hi Glenn,
    I requested Roger Wolfe Kahn's Another Night Alone some months ago, but I haven't noticed it included in any of your shows. Have I perhaps missed it?
    regards, Tiia

  6. I've only just got (gotten in the US) around to auditioning the 30th September programme; what a marathon.  Your links sounded like you're in the generator room next to the lift motor (or is it my headphones!).
    The gem has to be "Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing": very unsophisticated for Ambrose; and amazing to hear the speaking voice of the unbiquitous (on UK 78s) Sam Browne.
    Much enjoyed.

  7. Hi Glenn
    Great show. The iTunes podcast has not updated since January 27 – is it just me, or is there a problem?
    Mike. London UK

  8. Hi, I have managed to download the programme straight from the link of the Rapidly Rotating Recors site. I do not bother with i Tunes.

    Tom. Gloucestershire

  9. Hi Glenn, I thought you had stopped the show. Really nice to find you again but my last save was May 2012 so I’m going to have some catching up to do.to get my library up to date. Does the email notification for new shows still work? – Dave (UK)

  10. I really enjoy your broadcasts. I especially enjoy the vocal recordings you feature every now and then, I would like to request Frank Munn’s vocal recording of “In My Bouquet of Memories” (Brunswick 3929) I tried to send you an email but I don’t think it went through. Thanks, Lucinda (Spain)

  11. Interesting that you mentioned Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks’ version of “Quality Shout” (after you played the original by Paul Howard) and plugged their regular gig at Iguana in NYC. I was there Tuesday night. I’ve never heard the band sound better, and I’ve been listening to the Nighthawks for at least 30 years. Also interesting was “Swing Out”, your closing number on this week’s show. The Nighthawks opened their second set on Tuesday with the same tune.

    I found out about your show from my good friend Andy Senior, and have become a regular. I listen during the week, as your “live” show conflicts with Rich Conaty’s “The Big Broadcast” on WFUV in NYC (www.wfuv.org), who’s from 8-12 ET on Sundays.

    Thank you very much for the effort you put into bringing us this great, and incredibly obscure, music. I’m going to make a contribution to the station in appreciation.

  12. Howdy Glenn, thanks for all the wonderful broadcasts during 2014. With all the of turmoil effecting our world, these programmes are like an oasis from an overexposure to reality. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas, and I wish you the best in the coming year.

  13. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for the CDs of your shows; I’ve been enjoying them very much. Michael (AKA Broadway Billy or Mr. Fabulous) and I are wondering if you and Rita are going to the ADSLA General Meeting on Jan 31 at the Egyptian Theater?? We’ like to see you.

  14. HI, how do I request email alerts for shows? I Just blew my old address away by accident and need to set a new one but can’t see how. Thanks – Dave

    • Hi, Art!  Thanks for listening and taking the time to post.  Not only has Art been a longtime listener, but also a great supporter of the show, even contributing to the playlist!  

  15. Glenn, just stumbled across your show when searching on my Great-Uncle’s name (Henry “Bubbles” Reber) and played your show for my 89 year old mother. Bubbles was her Uncle. Is there any way you could provide copies of any songs that you have that Bubbles did??? We would be more than happy to pay for them???? What an AWESOME find — your show that is. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

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