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Welcome to Rapidly Rotating Records, bringing you vintage music to which you can’t *not* tap your toes, from rapidly rotating 78RPM records of the 1920s and’30s.

Rapidly Rotating Records 78RPM Show – September 3, 2017

Welcome to Rapidly Rotating Records, bringing you vintage music to which you can’t *not* tap your toes, from rapidly rotating 78RPM records of the 1920s and’30s. 

On this week’s edition of the show, since it’s now September, we’re going to start off the show with some “September” songs, although NOT “September Song!” Stay tuned to find out what matters, listen to a couple of homonyms and celebrate Labor Day. Per usual, there are at least a couple of records making their RRR debut. If you enjoy the show, please let us know by leaving a comment on the website or the Facebook page or sending an email. And remember, your requests and topic segments are always welcome.​

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The Rapidly Rotating Records telephone request line is now OPEN! In addition to sending cards or letters, sending email, or posting to the the show’s website or facebook page, you can now call in to request a particular artist, song or topic segment, leave feedback about the show, or ask questions or comment about the music. Of course, I’d be happy if you just call in to say “Hi!” and let me know you’re out there listening. The easy-to-remember number is 234-PLAY 78s or 234-752-9787.

As always, just click on the link below to instantly listen streaming online and/or download the show. A number of records are making their RRR debut and your comments, topic suggestions and requests are always welcome. Let us know what your favorite record is by posting a comment to the website or to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/rapidlyrotatingrecords

Enjoy the show! 

Here’s the complete playlist:

Segment 1: September

I’ll Always Remember September – Peter Van Steeden AHO / Smith Ballew, v.
In Sweet September – Al Jolson
September In The Rain – Geraldo AHO / Cyril Grantham, v.

Segment 2: All That Matters

That’s All That Matters To Me – Reis & Dunn
What Does It Matter – Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra / Elliott Shaw, v.
There’s Nothing The Matter With Me – George Olsen and His Music / Ethel Shutta, v.

Segment 3: Threw

I Threw A Bean Bag At The Moon – Ozzie Nelson AHO / Ozzie Nelson, v.
Tho’ You Threw Me Down – Willard Robison and His Deep River Orchestra / Jason Hawkes (Scrappy Lambert), v.
I Gave You Up Just Before You Threw Me Down – Billy Murray & Rachel Grant, v.

Segment 4: Through

Through! (How Can You Say We’re Through?) – Roger Wolfe Kahn AHO / Scrappy Lambert, v.
When Spring Comes Peeping Through – The Record Boys
I’m Walking Through Clover – Louisiana Rhythm Kings

Two Rivers Flow Through Harlem – Vic Berton’s Music / Chick Bullock, v.

Segment 5: Labor Day

Work Ox Blues – Texas Alexander
He’s Working In The Movies Now – Billy Murray
Where Do You Work-A-John? – Dick Robertson AHO / Dick Robertson, v.


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