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RRR 78RPM Show – September 27, 2015 — 3 Comments

  1. Still listening and enjoying, and grateful for your streaming of America’s greatest musical contribution to the world!

  2. Music, very good. However you give me about thee times as much information as I need about your music and artists. Radio has deteriorated into nothing but talk these days. We can read the life history of these songs and artists on the internet if we choose.

    Also the vocalist you name as Parker Gibbs with the Weems
    orchestra sounds more like Cliff Edwards, “Ukulele Ike.”

    • Hi, Steve.

      First of all, THANK YOU for listening and for taking the time to write.  I sincerely appreciate the feedback, and I take your comments to heart. Many of the emails I get about the show remark that they appreciate all the information. That said, the 9/27 show. which I presume sparked your post, was an “all birthday” show and was particularly heavy on the biographical information. The current show (Oct. 25) celebrates three birhdays, Annette Hanshaw, Roger Wolfe Kahn and Vivian Ellis.  Hanshaw and Kahn have been spotlighted many times on the show, repeating much of the information, so perhaps the information on them and other frequently featured artists could (should) be trimmed.  On the other hand, there are always new listeners to the show who may not be as familiar with popular artists or composers.  Also, this week is the fist time Vivian Ellis is being featured on the show and in preparing for his segment, I learned a lot about him that I did not know.

      May I ask if your comments come from your being very familiar with the artists and composers and so not wanting to hear the information, or from simply wanting to hear more music of the era without comment?  I hope you will continue to listen to the show, but if you’re more interested in a “music only” show, I might suggest Venerable Radio, produced by my friend Malcolm Vedrine at http://www.venerableradio.com.

      I have made my share of factual errors on the show over the years, but as for “That’s What I Like About You” by Ted Weems, unless the American Discographical Project at the University of California Santa Barbara is mistaken, the vocalist is Parker Gibbs.

      Thanks again for posting, and again I hope you will continue to listen. Not all shows have as much of me talking as the 9/27 show.

      Glenn Robison

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