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  1. Just getting to know your program. So, I speak with little familiarity, but great interest in getting to know more. There were three tenor dance bands – – – Griff Williams, Orin Tucker Freddy Martin to mention a few. To put togerher the sounds of these bands would be great. Of course, there could be little interest in hearing the three tenor band sound, but there were many of these bands nd the three tenor sound was rich, full pleasaant and very listenable – – – in my view. I don’t think anyone has brought forth this pleasant sounding dance band music in any presentable form. Do you have sources of this type of music – – – do some presentation could be developed? I am _– Stan Sterbenz

    • Hi, Stan.  Thanks for listening and taking the time to post. Although I have played Orin Tucker and Freddy Martin on the show, I was unfamiliar with Griff Williams.  He did make some recordings in the late 30s, but unfortunately, I do not have any of them, although I will keep an eye out.  Thanks again.

  2. My bringing up the three tenor saxophone section dance bands was/is to see if you or others shared my liking- of this dance band sound.- – – these bands played the hotel circuit to a great extent (The Chase Hotel St.Louis, the Muelbach Hotel kansas city, the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans(in fact, Leon Kelner’s Orch. was constantly broadcasted from the Roosvelt Hotel, Nrew Orleans – – – from the Fountain Lounge Room of the hotel). Eddy Duchin was probably a three tenor dance band – – -these bands in New York and Washington, DC cold be called :society bands” – — – Meyer Davis – – – Lester Lanin – – – I’m sure you get the picture – – -Russ Morgan used this instrumentation at times – – – I can get Griff Williams and Orrin Tucker on Youtube, but I’m thinking of a presentation that kind of dwells on this particular soiund – – – how it came about- — howit was used – – – who played it – – – etc. I can remember beingin the Navy and going ashore in Canne, France and coming to an open air dance place with a beautiful, sweet sounding tenor saxophone section dance band – – – Is this type of music too old to be remembered – – – if you do the 20’s and 39’s dance band msuic, you must be running across many of these sounding bands – – – maybe you already have covered this topic – — Stan Sterbenz (Staley27@yahoo.com) (why stakey instead of stanley – – – apparently stanley was being ueed too extensively ) – – – Stan Sterbenz

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