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RRR Show – April 6, 2014 — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, Melancholy Lou; one of the earliest Victor recordings after they’d wired their N 5th St Camden studios for Westrex recording in the late summer of 1925. That wonderful acoustic is because the studio was in the former Trinity Baptist Church, acquired by Victor in 1918. There was another studio elsewhere in the building at (US) 2nd floor level. Alas, it’s now a parking lot behind the derelict Hotel Plaza; and not a sign or plaque to commemorate all those Aaronsons, Lanins, etc who made wonderful music there.

    Howard Lanin’s recorded repertoire is, sadly, rather frugal.

  2. Another good show. Loved drummer Alex Williams in Over There. Was he on steroids? Wow. Reminds of the loud snare drummer on Stan Freeberg’s Yellow Rose of Texas. That was an old one but I didn’t get the date it was waxed (as our favorite DJ might say). Tim Gartner

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