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RRR Show – February 2, 2014 — 6 Comments

  1. EVERY one your programs is eagerly anticipated and all are enjoyed more than words can express. I especially enjoyed your Eddie Cantor segment. Many, many thanks for your dedication to preserving and shring the music many of our brethren enjoy so much.

  2. That recording of Elsie Carlisle singing “Let That Be a Lesson To You” is brilliant! I have an Elsie Carlisle Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/elsiecarlisle), and we just celebrated her 118th birthday. I want to share that song with my followers, but till now all I’ve had is a very scratchy YouTube recording. With your permission, I will encourage people subscribing to my page to listen to this episode of your show, and I am sure they will find other things that they like.

    Where did you find that recording? Is it one of your own? It is very well edited.

    • Hi, Alexander!  Thanks for listening and for taking the time to post.  I will certainly check out your Elsie Carlisle site.  By all means, please encourage your subscribers to listen to the show, and to post comments here and/or on the Facebook page for the show (https://www.facebook.com/rapidlyrotatingrecords) The recording of “Let That Be A Lesson To You” is from the CD “Ray Starita and His Ambassadors Band, Vol. 2” on the Mellotone label.  The CD was one of a series produced by Ned Newitt, son of banjo player and violinist Nigel Newitt, who played in George Fisher’s Kit-Kat band, among others.  Unfortuantely, the CD is out of print and the website for the Mellotone label is out of existence.  While that particular CD is unavailable, some other Mellotone CDs are available at Venerable Music (https://www.venerablemusic.com/catalog/LabelSearchResults.asp?LabelID=302)  

  3. Thanks for the information, Glenn. I’m on the hunt!

    Tomorrow is Ray Starita’s birthday, so I’ll feature the scratchy YouTube video, but I’ll also direct people to your archives and recommend that they become regular listeners.

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