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RRR Show – March 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Glenn . . .A couple of friends just turned me on to your gig. Super! I’m only 83 so the 20s are consider history but are the foundation of the music in thru 30s to the early 50s.
    My misspent youth was on a desert ranch in Ca. I possessed a 5 tube headstone radio. The antenna stretched from a number of cottonwood trees to a few fence posts. All over Hell and half of Kansas, so to speak. I have no idea if the impedance matched or not. Most nights I could pick-up many radio stations with a W as the first letter of their call sign. WWL, New Orleans was my favorite. At 1:AM, their time, was an offering of Barrel House, Boogie and the Blues! That program made such an impression on me, so long ago, I still love Boogie and the Blues. A few of us still remember!
    Keep up your good work . . . . . .Terry

  2. Terry,
    THANK FOR LISTENING and for taking the time to post. I sincerely appreciate the feedback. It doesn’t sound to me like your youth was misspent at all! Let me know if you have any particular song or artist requests.

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