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RRR Show – December 9, 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. When a record collector who focuses on a certain period of musically recorded history has been at it for well nigh near 40 years, as I have, it is easy to think one has heard almost everything. Eventually the same tunes sung or played by the same artists keep turning up over and over. But, for some reason, whenever a familiar song is played on this show, Glen very often manages to dig up a version I never heard before. Since I know he cannot possibly be doing this on purpose, I can only attribute the phenomenon to a possibility that somehow territories of the U.S. have an influence on versions, various issued “takes”, popular labels, etc. In any case, hearing a fresh approach to an occasional old favorite is one of the big weekly adventures, for me, of listening to Glen’s RRRecords show. Thanks Glen.

  2. Dear Glen

    Thank you so much for your great show which keeps an important musical heritage alive. It’s so important that all the treasures from 78rpm and all the yesteryears’ music stars are not forgotten.

    Hope for many more shows to come
    Best wishes from Munich, Germany

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