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RRR Show August 12, 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. It was a nice surprise to hear Del Porter (with Roger Wolfe Kahn).  Del went on to sing with the Foursome, and Spike Jones.

  2. Years ago someone gave me a Columbia LP with a cathedral radio on the cover, featuring radio stars of the 1930s.  (The music was actually from Columbia 78s, not broadcasts.)  One of the tracks was Etiquette Blues, sung by (I believe) Uncle Don.  Only the words were serious, addressed to kiddies.  I've always assumed the funny versions (Harry Reser, Jones & Hare, etc.) were parodies of the straight version.  But as I listen to this edition of RRR, it occurs to me it might be the other way around!  Do you have any idea which came first?

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